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Quilter’s glossary: need to know terms to properly read a quilt pattern- From Craftsy

Understanding fabric grain

Selvage: The finished edge of fabric, which is typically removed before cutting. In quilting fabric, one side often includes the designer or manufacturer.

Crosswise grain: If you cut or draw a line from selvage to selvage, this is the crosswise grain; has more stretch than a lengthwise grain.

Lengthwise grain: The direction running parallel to the selvages; has the leastamount of stretch.

Bias: The 45-degree diagonal across a cut of fabric. Has the most stretch and is often used to create bias tape or quilting bindings.

Terms of measurement & fabric cuts

WOF: “Width of fabric.” Commonly used in a quilt pattern to describe cutting dimensions. For example, cut 5″ x WOF strip means to cut a 5″ strip from selvage to selvage, along the crosswise grain.

WOFQ: “Width of fat quarter,” (see above).

WOFE: “Width of fat eighth,” (see above).

LOF: Length of fabric, which runs along the lengthwise grain parallel to the selvage.

Yard: 36″ x width of fabric, typically 42″ to 44″ wide

Fat Quarter: 18″ x 22″ cut of fabric

Fat Eighth: 18″ x 11″ cut of fabric (half of a fat quarter)

Charms: 5″ x 5″ pre-cut fabric squares

Layer cake: 10″ x 10″ pre-cut fabric squares

Jelly roll: 2.5″ x WOF pre-cut strips 

Quilt assembly terms

Basting: Method used to temporarily join together the three layers: quilt top, batting and quilt back. You can baste with safety pins, a needle and thread, adhesive basting spray, etc.

Binding: The final strip of fabric sewn around the perimeter of the quilt to seal the edges

Borders: Fabric frame that goes around a quilt top

HST: Half-square triangle, a common unit in quilting

RST / WST: Right sides together / Wrong sides together (refers to fabric with front / back sides touching)

Sashing: Fabric strips sewn in between blocks

SA: Seam allowance, which is the measurement along the side as two fabrics are joined together; these are most often a scant 1/4″ for quilting (slightly less than 1/4″).

Square up: To trim a quilt block until edges are even

Stitch in the ditch: To quilt along the natural seams

UFO: Unfinished object

WIP: Work in progress